2-part performance.

Director / Agnė Dilytė
Composer / Antanas Jasenka
Set and costume designer / Artūras Šimonis
Director’s Assistant / Alma Purvinytė
Cast / Ona Gudaitytė, Eglė Juškaitė, Eglė Kordiukovaitė, Vaidas Praspaliauskas.

Duration 120
Premiere 2019

It is a social grotesque based on the play “Freelancer Story” written in 2016 by the famous Romanian actor, director and playwright Ion Sapdaru (b. 1961).

History opens up the pain of artists – the drama of needlessness. Heroes of the play, who are beginning actors, like many modern independent creators, have to choose between giving out their artistic ideals and principles or striving to survive, usually losing in the competitive battle.

Bitter to tears comic reality, where young actors, instead of wanted roles on the professional stage, play live sculptures in the park when they are made famous not by high artistic work but by an unexpected scandal, when they are traveling around the world not with a recognized theater troupe but working least respected jobs and that does not break their determination.

The driving force behind young artists is endless faith, perseverance, the pursuit of artistic endeavors and youthful maximalism. The desire to resist the existing political, cultural order and a strong and sincere love for one another leads the way. The performance reveals a higher form of love, opening up the deep theme of unselfish feeling.


Mono performance for teenage girls.

Director and performer / Andra Kavaliauskaitė
Composer / Elena Neniškytė
Choreographers / Saida Saldukaitė and Guoda Dinsmonaitė-Morkūnė
Poster designer / Karolina Jarmalytė
Video director / Alius Mikelionis
Photographer / Povilas Jarmalkovičius

Duration 120` (no intermission)
Premiere 2018

“Seen” is maybe the only performance in Lithuania for teenage girls. The themes that it touches are very sore and topical for them. The mover and the performer Andra Kavaliauskaitė invites the girls to an intimate dramatic experience. In social network there are millions of photos that illustrate a perfect life and are worthy of magazine covers. “Like share and subscribe” became a kind of modern-day mantra. The play sucks in, reality mingles with illusion and there is an equal sign between the lie and the truth. But a day comes when even hundreds of thousands of followers are worthless and the only wish is not to lie, not to pretend being perfect.

Vlog of the main heroine Ūla is filmed and the new magazine “Seen” is presented during the performance. Do not miss a chance to get acquainted with one of the best Lithuanian vlogers! It may be the chance of a lifetime!

2019 Gold stage cross. Best debut / young artist – Andra Kavaliauskaitė (for social research and creation of a mono performance “SEEN”).


Social drama, grotesque.

Playwright / Herkus Kunčius
Director / Albertas Vidžiūnas
Scenography / Artūras Šimonis
Composer / Antanas Jasenka
Cast / Eglė Kordiukovaitė, Andra Kavaliauskaitė, Jonas Gaižauskas, Vidas Vaškius, Vaidas Praspaliauskas, Ona Gudaitytė, Eugenijus Rakauskas, Eglė Juškaitė, Vincas Vaičiulis

Duration 90 min

Premiere 2017

…Mother solves crosswords # father swears# virtual people plays a war # dogs barking on their owners # owners are training their children # and the children interacts with their peers trying to play not a childish games …

This is a fairly realistic caricature of the modern family seen in the performance created by the director Albertas Vidžiūnas and one of the most scandalous Lithuanian writers – the dramatist Herkus Kunčius, whose prose is characterized by obscene themes, shocking depiction and breaking of moral scruples.

The performance is a sharp social drama that highlights the topicalities of modern Lithuania, incorporates the issues of parent-child relations and youth interaction. The performance space is a block of flats and “children’s games” that are played around it, i.e. not a childish communication or something left behind it. Some play a “war”, others “doctors”, and the third ones lie drunk – and after all – under the balcony there is a cemetery where things are incomprehensible … These recognizable and associative strengths makes the whole dramaturgy of the performance, rising the meaning from the household level to the universal dimension.
The performance articulates the most sensitive topics of (not)understanding each other, aggressiveness, manipulation, cruelty, lacking of spirituality, and introduces the audience to the shocking and uncomfortable theater. Eye-blowing images and “special effects”, different means of expression, brutal teenage psychological and physical violence will reveal the alienation of the society. The Easter family dinner would be a direct hint of biblical sacrifice and redemption, that will put all viewers a mind-blowing question: “For what why, for God’s sake ?”


A movement performance – impression according to watercolours by Benjaminas Jenčius.

Author of  idea  and choreography Gita Strikytė – Jakučionienė /  Costume designer Andra Virbičianskienė / Light designer Vytautas Skruibys/ Composer Elena Neniškytė / Dancers Povilas Šarmavičius, Andra Virbičianskienė, Giedrė Kalinauskienė, Petras Lisauskas, Vaidas Praspaliauskas, Gita Strikytė – Jakučionienė

Duration 50 ` (no intermission)
Premiere 2016

The performance is created basing on paintings of a watercolour master Benjaminas Jenčius. The creative team has tried to look at art not visually but though states of mind.  Benjaminas’ works, which are full of penetrating premonitions, balance between stillness and a frenzied storm. During the performance, the actors look for an intangible substance which is able to melt all fears, complexes and pain, and the souls pulsate by the same rhythm if only for a moment.


A musical street theatre play.

Author of idea Inesa Pilvelytė / Director Albertas Vidžiūnas/ Set and costume designer Jonas Arčikauskas / Choreographer Indrė Puišytė/ Composer Saulius Petreikis/ Author of poems Sigitas Geda / Assistant director Alma Purvinytė / Singer Neda 1Malūnavičiūtė / Performers Alytus City theatre troupe, Alytus Youth Centre dance group Aušrinė, faquirs, and others.

Duration 60` (no intermission)
Premiere 2016

The artists and nearly a hundred actors possessing a peculiar way of thinking create a unique musical street theatre play expressing experience and beliefs accumulated in mythology and folklore throughout centuries. The story and its atmosphere are created with help of dynamics of fire and water, masks, live music, body plastic, a water screen, lasers and fireworks. The creators’ goal is to present an exciting and impressive performance of an outdoor theatre through a combination of poetic and visual language.


A play by Upton Sinclair‘s novel Jungle.

Director and set author Albertas Vidžiūnas / Composer An­ta­nas Ja­sen­ka / Scene motion consultant Giedrė Kalinauskienė / Actors Vidas Vaškius, Rasa Grigutytė, Tomas Kunčinas, Inesa Pilvelytė, Jonas Gaižauskas, Eugenijus Rakauskas, Eglė Juškaitė, Ona Gudaitytė, Paulė Konstancija Giniotaitė, Vaidas Praspaliauskas, Jonas Verseckas, Gita Strikytė-Jakučionienė

Duration 135` (one intermission)
Premiere 2015

It is a performance according to a short story by Upton Sinclair The Jungle written in1906. The life of the emigrant families who work in Chicago slaughterhouses at the beginning of the twentieth century is shown as a completely unique environment – a closed, intimidated community forced to unconditionally obey their employers and managers — boiled with passion and vileness.

The main character Jurgis Rutkus works in the slaughterhouse, where, according to the author, only pig squeal is not used. He clings to life and puts on the market all his values in order to create a “good” life for his family.


A biographical drama.

Director and author of staging Dalia Kimantaitė / Designer Anželika Šulcaitė / Composer Mantautas Krukauskas /
Actors Inesa Pilvelytė, Ona Gudaitytė

Duration 90` (no intermission)
Premiere 2013

The Coco Secret is a performance about the legendary celebrity of the fashion world Coco Chanel. She was a provocative personality who did not reconcile with the routine life. Helped by her talent and wisdom, she rose from the abyss of poverty to the World of Elite, created most extraordinary stories about herself and became widely known for her “flying expressions” which are still used by us…


A historical drama Barbara Radziwill.

Screenwriter and director Arvydas Kinderis / Set designer Julija Skuratova / Composer Jonas Jurkūnas/ Actors Inesa Pilvelytė, Audingas Aleknavičius, Eugenijus Rakauskas, Vidas Vaškius, Erika Jasinskaitė, students of the Theatre School Aparte.

Duration 105` (no intermission)
Premiere 2009

The action takes place in Dubingiai, at the Radzwill family manor, where Barbara Radziwill, after her Secret wedding to Sigismund Augustus (1547), lived for half a year in suspense and loneliness under guidance of a doctor-butler Stanislaw Davaina and her brother Radziwill Brown. In 1548, after the death of Sigismund the Old, Barbara was invited to Vilnius and presented to the Lithuanian aristocracy as a legitimate wife of Sigismund Augustus and Queen of Lithuania and Poland.

Barbara and Sigismund Augustus’ love story is full of romance, intrigue and difficult decisions.